The Cannabis Conversation

As a Humboldt County Native, a long-time personal user, a former caregiver for a dying parent and other terminally ill cancer patients, a commercial farmer, and a private financial consultant serving the cannabis community, the subject of cannabis is something I care deeply about.   

It seems the current literature on weed is far too compartmentalized.  As we continue to stumble over the moral underpinnings of cannabis and continue to silo ourselves into staunch “for” or “against” mentality, the ability for true and meaningful debate is impacted.   Like in our political discourse, grandstanding only goes so far and it doesn’t solve problems…kind of a copout really.  A more thoughtful and meaningful dive into the issues is harder and takes more time.  That’s what The Cannabis Conversation is about.

It’s about moving past the same type of compartmentalization that stifles thinking and creativity.  It’s about exploring the issues around cannabis and about offering lasting policy and community solutions to save lives, improve society and create lasting economic opportunity for ourselves and our children.  To be clear, this piece will not be a disingenuous rag that solely pimps the benefits of using cannabis.  Nor will it be a feeble attempt to prop up or redefine an industry that has a lot of skeletons in the closet.  My hope is that it will be a spirited platform for furthering the cannabis conversation here and abroad. 

As someone physically addicted to cannabis, someone whose wife thinks cannabis is of the Devil and as someone whose life has been threatened because of my participation in this industry, I understand the negatives associated with cannabis.  I’ve seen firsthand, the rampant lawlessness and environmental destruction occurring in the hills of Humboldt County and it’s repulsive.  Pretending that cannabis, while herself pure and life-giving, is something akin to a bouquet of flowers is disingenuous and will not serve the debate well.   With a more balanced critique acknowledging both the positives and negatives associated with use and production, we can make more meaningful strides in educating the public, ensuring safe access for all people worldwide and reclaiming the superiority of the Humboldt Brand.  

Additionally, because I grow cannabis at an exceptionally high level, The Cannabis Conversation will also share my own tips and techniques for growing high end, high value flower for the discerning consumer and for achieving financial success in an increasingly competitive industry.

Jesse Duncan

AK 47 Dep

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